Arden Films presents When the Goddess Ruled the Earth

Arden Films, Dublin & New York, are proud to announce the release of its amazing feature documentary on the mysterious ancient people who worshipped the Earth Mother Goddess in Europe and the Near East in the Neolithic/Megalithic era, also known as end of the Stone Age at 3,500 BC.

The production was filmed entirely on location in Ireland, Scotland and France over a seven year period.

This epic two-part historical revelation of spiritual life and customs in the era is unprecedented in ancient European history.

The film meticulously explores ancient Megalithic stone monuments as they relate to the Earth Mother Goddess, interpreting the incised art on the stonework and bringing to the world new understanding of this highly advanced civilization.  These massive monuments were built by the thousands around the European coastlines and even reached Japan.

Stunning Production

This stunning production discloses and presents for the first time undeniable proof of the belief systems of our ancient ancestors and their highly advanced civilization.

This production contains a Leonardo DaVinci connection that is real, rather than fabricated, and is much more interesting and exciting than fiction.

This film production from Arden Films demonstrates how the threads first spun during the Neolithic/Megalithic era of 5,000 years ago can be seen in the tapestry of today’s beliefs and social traditions.

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